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"European Installations"    




Spencer Tunick's art is guided by the philosophy that "individuals en masse, without their clothing, grouped together, metamorphose into a new shape." Around the world, he has created installations in spectacular locations gathering thousands of people at one time. 


In his new and first book, European Installations, his temporary site-specific installations unfold against various backdrops, including a civic center and alpine glacier. By highlighting a specific setting of nature and culture, each work reflects the artist's concern with global issues. 



スペンサー・チューニックの新しいカタログ、   European Installations

「ヨーロピアン インスタレーションズ」が発売されました。


先日、スペンサー・チューニックは作品の撮影に呼んでくれました、スペンサー は撮影したいアーティストの一人だったので、まずは参加する前にアーティスト のプロセスを勉強しようと、今回は撮影見学をし、その後NYのアップステートま でスタジオビジットに行きました。 


Last month, Tunick invited me to this book launch and signing event at the Core Club in Midtown Manhattan. During the Q and A, an audience member compared his work to Vanessa Beecroft's performances, Tunick met Beecroft in 2000, they were included in the Sao Paulo Bienal, she mentioned that his work was quite barbaric. 


However, after seeing his recent works, I was more convinced of his humanistic and contemplative elements. In this book, Tunick takes us back to our preindustrial, even pre-historic state of existence, gazing into our precarious relationship with the ever-changing natural world.


One morning, I received this email from the artist. He said, "My friend, musician and painter Joseph Arthur and I are doing a collaborative project where he paints directly on the body of 5-8 women nude and I photograph them together the same day. It would be awesome if you could do it. " 



今回の撮影は8月からのメキシコ の San Miguel de Allende にある、The Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery での展覧会の出品作品の撮影で、スペンサー・チューニックと ミュージシャンでペインターのJoseph Arthur とのコラボレーションでした。


その後、チューニックは私をマンハッタンにあるコア・クラブで行わたこのカタログのサイン会とお披露目スライド・プレゼンテーションに 招待してくれました。


I felt very happy to receive the message, but I wanted to start by studying the

artist's work process and themes, so I decided to first attend the shooting and later drove to his studio in Suffern, NY for a studio visit.

At the studio visit, he showed me the video footage of photo-shoots where he orchestrated the mass photo shoots in the various locations in Europe.

Seeing such events and people's reactions in the video footage, I realized that his work is not bound to the photographs themselves, but it exists in the minds of the many people involved in his installation. They are events that will never be repeated in their lives.


Eventually we discussed how to collaborate on our portrait project. Tunick gave me a home work assignment, and I am very looking forward to writing my account of

the project soon.


Tunick also showed me a music video he created from his collaboration with Joseph Arthur. Arthur had painted directly onto the models, who were then photographed by Tunick. The photographs were then repainted over by Arthur.

Spencer Tunick and Joseph Arthur's collaboration exhibition recently opened in Mexico on Aug. 3rd at The Chapel of Jimmy Ray Gallery in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.


Both artists shared with me some of their collaborative works that went into this exhibition.




彼のスタジオ・ビジットでは、この European Installations 「ヨーロピアン・イン スタレーションズ」が 撮影されたヨーロッパでのそれぞれの撮影風景のフッテー ジ・ビデオを見せてくれました。


その撮影の一つ一つが何百人、何千人のボランティア参加の裸の人間を扱ってい て、それぞれの文化的な場所にそのテーマに沿って撮影するステージ風景はそれ 自体が参加した人々の心に残るアートの様に感じられました。 その後スペンサーと私は今後の私たちのポートレート撮影のテーマを話し合いま した。


私はスペンサーとの撮影がとても楽しみになりました。スペンサー・チューニックとミュージシャンでペインターのJoseph Arthur は今回 のメキシコでオープンした展覧会のコラボレーション作品を見せてくれました。 







Info: インフォメーション   
"European Installations"
「ヨーロピアン • インスタレーションズ」    




Tunick's first book encompass thirteen years of work primarily commissioned by museums and contemporary art organizations in Europe.


写真: カタログ European Installations

「ヨーロピアン • インスタレーションズ」か らのイメージ。

スペンサー・チューニックとミュージシャン/ ペインター Joseph Arthur


(メキシコ The Chapel of Jimmy Ray Galleryで の展覧会写真。) 



MIE: Mie Iwatsuki (岩月美江) Curator/Model