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「Mie Art & Talk ・NY」Column 3

 ベネフィット・オークション・GALA PARTY



       MIE holding a work by Chris Ofili






アーティスト  ・ChrisOfili  

 作品を紹介する  Mie


TODAY IS THE DAY ファンデーション・ベネフィット・オークション・GALA

(11月27日 ジェーンホテルにて。)



11月27日、ジェーンホテルにてTODAY IS THE DAY ファンデーションによるベネフィットオークション・GALAパーティーが開催されました。


TODAY IS THE DAYファンデーションは、NYと広島に拠点を置く新しく革新的な非営利団体であり、発起人は世界で活躍する日本人著名アーティスト、平川典俊(ひらかわ のりとし)。

イベントは Opalnest によりプロデュースされ、ミュージシャンで音楽プロデューサーの Arto Lindsay (ア−ト•リンゼイ)がコ・ホスト、サザビーズNYの現代美術スペシャリストのGabriela Palmieri がライブ•オークションを担当、元ホイットニー美術館館長現在SVAの大学院教授であるDavidA.Rossがゲストスピーカーで出席しまし
イベントの最後にはパフォーマンス•アーティストとして有名なMarina Abramović.のスピーチがビデオ放映され、ジェーン•ホテルでのガラ•パーティーの後はチェルシーの新しいお洒落なホテル、Hotel Americanoでアフター•パーティーが行われました。






アーティスト平川典俊さんと、中央の女性は、Opalnest・Helen Homan Wu さん
アーティスト平川典俊さんと、中央の女性は、Opalnest・Helen Homan Wu さん




このイベントにはイベントプロデューサーHelen Homan Wu、そして素晴らしいスタッフ、ボランティアらの関係者が募り、当日のオークションは大成功を収めました。



奈良 美智 作品
奈良 美智 作品
村上 隆  作品
村上 隆  作品

出品された作品群のアーティストは、奈良美智、Marina Abramovic, 村上隆、草間弥生、アンディー・ウォーホール、平川典俊、Marina Abramovic, Hye Rim Lee, Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky), Chris Ofili, David Reed, Lawrence Weiner, O Zhang 他多数。またこの日、私がいつか会いたいと思っていたコレクターの方に出会うことが出来ました。



TODAY IS THE DAYファンデーションの今後の活動に、また沢山の方ご参加、応援して頂けるとよいと思います




-MIE (岩月美江)


草間 弥生の作品をMieが掲げる
草間 弥生の作品をMieが掲げる
村上 隆の作品をMieが掲げる
村上 隆の作品をMieが掲げる

TITD Inaugural Fundraising Gala and Auction Benefit
November 27, 2012  at the Jane Hotel Ballroom

On Tuesday, November 27, 2012, TODAY IS THE DAY, a new, visionary non-profit foundation (New York & Hiroshima), announced its Inaugural Benefit Gala and Auction at the Jane Hotel Ballroom.

The Benefit Gala was organized by the Founder of TITD, visionary artist, Noritoshi Hirakawa, and event producer, Helen Homan Wu of Opalnest. The evening’s events were co-hosted by Arto Lindsay and the live auction was conducted by Gabriela Palmieri,  Senior Vice President & Specialist of Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s, along with special guest, David A. Ross Chairman of the MFA Art Practice Program at SVA, and former Director at SF MoMA and Whitney Museum of American Art, who gave a speech in support of the project. The night at the Jane Ballroom then closed with a screening of an exclusive video by Marina Abramović.


Soon after Noritoshi Hirakawa spoke to me about the foundation and the Benefit Auction event, I received this email from the artist.

“ P.S. From tomorrow, I will be out of town, going to Paris, Hiroshima and then Tokyo for a few days each, to collect the art works donated for the benefit auction.”

For some time, I have known about his philanthropic and humanitarian activities, not only through his art but also from talking to Noritoshi himself.  This time he was working on establishing a philanthropic NPO called, TODAY IS THE DAY foundation and was organizing his first benefit event to raise money for the children inFukushima who are affected by the earthquake/tsunami disaster in March 2011.

Noritoshi, being the founder of this organization, was traveling around the world to collect the art works donated from the prominent artists and galleries for this cause.
When he told me about the benefit auction event and asked for my help in finding some established artists or sponsors who could support and donate to this cause, I felt compelled to help.  I called some NY based artists who I am friendly with to ask for their participation, and luckily, some successful artists generously agreed to donate their artworks to the benefit event.

Norotoshi teamed up with an event producer, Helen Homan Wu, who, together, made a great success of the evening’s event. Art works were donated by internationally recognized artists from around the world as well as some successful younger to mid-carrier artists based here in NYC.

At the event, amazing collectors and dealers gathered for the auction conducted by a Sotheby's auctioneer and I was on the podium in the role to help display the art works for the auction.
The art works auctioned included works by artists such as, Nara Yoshitomo, Marina Abramovic, Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, Nobuyoshi Araki, Andy Warhol, Hye Rim Lee, Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky), Chris Ofili, David Reed, Lawrence Weiner, O Zhang and also Noritoshi Hirakawa, to name a few. (some images of the art works are included below.)

That night, the auction was very successful and it was so thrilling to see many great collectors bid in front of me. I also had the pleasure encountering some well-known collectors who I had always aspired to meet.


The after party was held at the fashionable Americano Hotel in Chelsea. There, we
all celebrated the success of the event over champagne.

Congratulations are in order for TODAY IS THE DAY, and thank you again to all the artists who supported this benefit.  It will be wonderful and inspiring to see the
number of people drawn in to support the vision of TODAY IS THE DAY grow
into the future.





Mie Iwatsuki

Curator/ Model