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The Sky Truck 2018, "Singapore Airlines" (SQ) shined in "2018 World Airline Awad" first place.

Second place "Qatar Airways" (QR), third place "All Nippon Airways" (NH) followed.

Among them, Singapore Airlines has also won first place for first class.

Immediately, let's look into the "Singapore Air" first class.

People riding first class are increasing recently.

Of course the price is expensive.

The degree of bliss is as it is, first give the status to myself, if you acquire it, you can have confidence in both work and private beat.

I tried the first of "Singapore Air" ranked first in the first class.

Cabins boasting world-class excitement of bliss

The perfection of CA's correspondence felt service of the world NO1.

The cabin is luxurious and the degree of bliss is the highest.

"Sky suite" and the 12 first-class seats (8 single, 4 double) of whispered are Conorly's exclusive leather specifications supplied to Rolls-Royce and Ferrari. Of course the seat is unquestionable.

The cabin is unified in British designer James Berg's original color (tea and beige).

The calm sheet is ample goods that promises a comfortable sleep at full flat during sleep, Bvlgari. It directs air travel.

The tableware that supports in - flight meals is givenchy.

Cooking, Georges Blanc's traditional French, always take three stars.

Also, "World gourmet · cuisine" which "Kikunoi" Mr. Yoshihiro Murata etc etc participates is devised.

The best in-flight meal is delicious fine service that was backed by the prideful tradition of beautiful CDs dressed in folk costumes.

Also, Singapore Changi International Airport is always ranked as the world's best airport, and its charm is also one of the first class attractions, naturally, the lounge in the airport can expect the best hospitality.

The above "First class journey" is an experience report when it was launched in 2006.

The current "Singapore First Class" is further progressing.

I plan to develop it in detail next (March issue).


"Singapore First Class" past 10 years, please take a look